Our Work

The Muslim Justice League (MJL) educates, organizes and advocates for human and civil rights that are violated or threatened under national security pretexts.  Founded on the principles that discrimination towards any group endangers the rights of all and that Muslim advocacy is an essential force for promoting justice, MJL engages in community education and mobilization, facilitation of cross-movement solidarity, legal advocacy, and cultivation of an environment in which pride in Muslim identity flourishes.  

MJL has advocated since our founding, and continues to prioritize, advocacy against dangerous and misguided “countering violent extremism” (CVE) programs being piloted by federal agencies in Greater Boston.  MJL also provides Know Your Rights workshops at mosques, schools and community centers, and provides legal representation at no cost to persons approached for questioning by the FBI or Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).   

Please Note: Anyone — including those with nothing to hide — can suffer serious consequences from speaking with an agent without counsel.  If you are approached by the FBI or JTTF, you can politely tell the agent you do not wish to answer questions without your lawyer and that your lawyer will call them back. Take their phone number, and call MJL’s Hotline for Free FBI Representation: 857-256-1310.  

MJL’s History

MJL was formed by four Muslim women — three attorneys and an anthropologist (Shannon (Erwin) Al-Wakeel, Elizabeth Dann, Nancy Khalil and Stephanie Marzouk) — in Boston in 2014, in response to a pressing need for local Muslim-led defense of our communities’ human and civil rights against the “War on Terror.”  Through the generous support of a seed grant from the Harvard Law School Public Service Venture Fund, MJL launched as a full-time staffed organization after Ramadan, 2015.

cropped EOHHS pic

MJL activists hold signs raising concerns about CVE programs’ impacts in April, 2016, after delivering a collaboratively sponsored petition with over 1000 signatures to Massachusetts’s Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) urging EOHHS to end its CVE collaboration with federal prosecutors.

MJL’s work is generously supported by local communities — individual donors like you! — and by the following foundations in recognition of the impact and necessity of our human rights advocacy:

The Burgess Urban Fund

The Hyams Foundation

The Nevas Family Foundation

The Lenny Zakim Fund